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Green, clean, built to last

All our collars and leashes are mold, stain, abrasion, and UV-resistant. Our original fabric designs are printed on a poly-based fabric with a tight weave for durability, or a vegan leatherette. In fact, all of our products are 100% vegan! Whether you're living the city life or adventuring out in the wild, our gear is built to stand the elements and the test of time. And yes, handcrafted. We've sacrificed having pretty hands for your furbaby.

Made unique, fit to perfection

All of our products are made to order. Each collar, leash, bandana, and bow tie is made meticulously by hand in our California workshop. We pour lots of love and hard labour in each piece we create, and we can proudly say that no piece is like the other! If there is a way for us to create a more special experience for you and your pup, send us a message about starting a custom request.

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the karma is real

Eco-friendly packaging

Climate change isn't fake news! To reduce our carbon footprint, we use eco-friendly and recycled packaging to wrap up your goodies. We use NO plastic. We're even finding ways to use our fabric scraps! So if you find the odd fabric used to tie or wrap something, it's because we'd like planet Earth to stick around a tad longer.

Paw for paw

Having adopted rescues of our own, we are huge advocates of animal rescues. To help support the hard-working rescues out there, 10% of all paper paw + stuff proceeds will be donated to established animal rescues. Bigger advocate projects to come!

Better earth program

Our recycling program is designed to extend the lifetime of our gear for as long as possible. Find out more about our program to a better Earth.

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