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Live Green. Save Green.

Here at paper paw + stuff, we're keeping our business practices as eco-friendly as possible. Almost all of our packaging is made of recycled/recyclable materials, and you might even find we're re-purposing our fabric scraps as part of our packaging too!

But we want to do more. 

Introducing the Better Earth Program: our strategy to give Mother Earth a little break (...she kind of really needs it), and a way for you to extend the lifetime of your paper paw + stuff gear.

Better Earth Program 

Our collars and leashes are made of some of the strongest materials in the market today, and are designed to withstand the harshest elements. Okay, maybe not THE harshest, but if you're not taking your dog up to the Himalayas, our gear should be putting up a pretty good fight. 

But hey, shit happens. We get it. We have dogs and sometimes, they be crazy. When that switch flips and they go Mr. Hyde on all your beloved possession, nothing is safe. Not even our gear. 

If it's time to replace your gear, don't throw it away! By purchasing a paper paw+stuff collar and leash, you're eligible to participate in our recycling program. Here's how it works:

Fido shredded his collar/leash, but the hardware is still in good shape.

Send it back to us! We'll craft you a new collar and/or leash using the former's hardware. The best part is that you get 15% off your new gear!

Fido killed his collar/leash dead. He released his inner Kraken. Nothing works. 

Send it back to us. Seriously. We'll find a way to upcycle whatever's left, and if it's unsalvageable, we'll recycle it. Same goes with the hardware -- we'll take whatever's left of your metal hardware and take it to our scrap metal recycling center. Anything made of aluminum can be melted down into new things. It's pretty much closed loop recycling, so better to recycle than to have it sit in a landfill. Plus, you'll get 10% off your new replacement gear!

Email us at to get started!

*Please note that you'll be responsible for shipping costs.