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Collar Buy Guide

I have to make more choices on collars too? Halp me.

Okay, we'll help you. :) 


 We have three buckle hardware you can pick from:

Our plastic buckles, the Classic and the Adventurer, are made from Polyacetal (POM), a strong plastic that bridges the gap between metals and ordinary plastics in stiffness, hardness, dimension, stability, and toughness. These buckles are resistant to solvents, fuel and abrasion and shows lower wear and friction than other buckles. Our plastic buckles are perfect for any dog that regularly puts their gear through the wringer! 


Classic Buckle

The Classic buckle is our standard lightweight buckle. Made from high-grade polyacetal, this buckle is extremely strong and features a contoured shape. It incorporates a new multiple locking system, and it has the best tensile strength in its class. We recommend this buckle for suburban dogs, city dogs - all dogs!

Adventurer Buckle

Our Adventurer buckle is best for any dog about to go on an outdoor adventure! This innovative polyacetal buckle is incredibly lightweight with a streamlined shape and a large angular cut out socket that prevents debris (like dirt and sand) from accumulating. However, don't underestimate its strength. The 1.5" buckle has a breaking strength of 231lbs! 

Metal Buckle

Our metal buckles are nickel-plated and provide a nice, shiny aesthetic. We recommend these buckles for fur-parents looking for collars with a sleek finish. 

We do not recommend this color for dogs that spend a lot of time romping around on hiking trails. Like most metal products, these buckles may rust, scratch, and/or dent under prolonged exposure to outdoor elements and heavy abrasion.