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Leash Buy Guide

Yes, the final look of your leash rests in your hands. But wait, choices? All these choices?? No thanks, I can't even pick a place to eat lunch. 

We got you, friend. This guide will break down all the different components that make our leashes so you can best (and more easily) decide what kind of leash is best for you!

Climbing Rope

The main body of our leashes are made from rock climbing rope, specifically designed for outdoor mountaineering and ice climbing. This means the type of rope has been treated to keep out moisture and resist dirt and abrasion. 

You'll notice that in our current rope selection, certain colors comes in different widths:


Generally, the thicker the rope, the stronger it is. However, given that this is mountaineering climbing rope, all the ropes are insanely strong regardless of their width. You could use the 7.1mm on a 100lb dog and it'll still hold up very well. Because of this, the thickness of the ropes ultimately become inconsequential, so we decided to place our focus more on colors that would add to our leashes' aesthetic. Since we source our climbing ropes from a range of suppliers, certain colors only come in certain widths - hence, the variations!

All our leashes are knotted using figure 8 knots, commonly used by rock climbers to tie themselves to their climbing harnesses (also for rescue and boating applications). The figure 8 knot is one of the strongest knots and will keep your leash from undoing itself, even if your doggo chews off the waxed polyester cord. 

Choosing a Leash Length

6 feet

Six feet is typically the standard length for dog leashes. It's ideal for walking in neighborhoods or less trafficked areas. A 6ft leash will allow your dog room to explore, without leaving so much slack that the leash drags on the ground or gets tangled around your dog’s legs.

4 feet

The 4ft dog leash is ideal for highly trafficked areas, like a busy city street. This length will keep your dog from getting in the way of other pedestrians, or getting wrapped around poles and lampposts. This length can also be useful for when your dog is tempted to wander before they've been trained to stay by your side. 

 Which CLIP is the best for you? 

Bolt Snap

The standard clip that most leashes come with. It's what most people are used to and it's the easiest way to clip a leash on and off. However, there is something important to note - bolt snaps have a tiny spring inside the shaft that creates the "spring" action when the bolt is pulled down to open or close the clip. Over time, this spring can weaken. As a result, the clip may start to open under small amounts of pressure. When this happens, it's time for a new leash! 

Trigger Snap

Trigger Snaps have a small pin that goes through the center to allow the two sides of the clip to move and stay put. There's no spring to worry about but occasionally a Trigger Snap pin will get gunk in it and become stiff, this rarely happens but all gear should be checked and cleaned/lubricated if this occurs.

Brass Finish

Our brass hardware is a great option for those looking for a more rustic and antique look. Brass can corrode and patina if exposed to running water and/or salt water.  However with proper care and using our protective wax, you can keep your leash looking in mint condition. We recommend this option more for city and suburban dwellers. For water lovers, we recommend:

Stainless SteeI

Our stainless steel clips are made from grade 316 stainless steel for maximum corrosion resistance and durability. They are designed for salt water applications. These are great options for those who frequent the beach and love swimming!


Our screw locking carabiners are cold forged and made from light weight aluminum. They are designed for tactical, rescue, rigging and rope access applications. Being corrosion resistant and having a breaking strength of 900lbs, rock climbers can use this carabiner for mountaineering and ice climbing! TL;DR: this thing of beauty is insanely strong.

We recommend this clip for adventurers and their dogs who spend their time outdoor trekking. Or, folks who want that reassurance of ultimate security! Having been on the nightmare end of equipment failure, we want to offer dog parents the option of worry free adventures!

Leash Handle

You have lots of choices to pick for your human-friendly leash handle!

Pick a canvas fabric handle to match with one of our collars! Or one of our vegan leather handles if you want that classic modern vibe. All of our leashes come with an O-ring so you can attach other accessories (like poop bag containers!) to your leash. 

Want a skinnier handle? Not a problem! Drop us an email and we'll make your handle 3/4" width. 

We do not recommend allowing our canvas fabric leashes be drug on the ground (the fabric may fray and tear). Our vegan leather handles are more durable against this type of activity. However, we generally recommend against any dragging to best prolong your gear's lifetime. 

Waxed Polyester Cord

We use waxed 100% polyester cord for its durability - this cord will not stretch, break, or fade easily. It will not fray overtime as other common cords will tend to do. We recommend applying our protective wax to the cord after prolonged water or heat exposure. It's wax, so the wax coating can melt off!

We tie off our leashes with this cord to prevent the knot ends from further fraying. If the cord wrapping somehow comes off (unlikely, but hey, shit happens), don't throw away your leash! It's still secured as the figure 8 knot will keep the leash from unraveling. You can easily bound the knot ends with electric tape to prevent further fraying, or send it back to us to fix!